Server Specifications

The server will almost emulate the original Conquer Online of the patch 5065

Max Character Stats
Level 137 2 Reborn -7 +12
Water Taoist, Fire Taoist, Archer, Warrior and Trojan
Items and coins
Normal Silver and CPs, No bound items, No bound CPs, No Custom Items
Blue Mouse, Green Serpent, Labyrinth, Met Zone, Night Devil, DB Devil, Extermination, CloudSaint, 2 Reborn Quest Etc
Super Guild War, Flames, DisCity, Team Tournament PK, Pk Class Tournament, TreasureHunter (Treasure in the Blue) and Capture the flag (CTF)
Slightly high original drops
Level rate
Slightly faster than the original
No nobility reset
All the original items can be gotten in the Lottery Center (Check the stats on the web, must login)